The National Committee for Demining and Rehabilitation (NCDR)

The National Committee for Demining and Rehabilitation(NCDR) is Jordan National Mine Action Authority established in year 2000 ,the NCDR coordinate and supervise all programs and activities related to mine and Explosives Remnants of War (ERW) including Mine and ERW Clearance, Risk Education(RE) , Survivor and Victim Assistance , Mine Ban Convention Universalization, Resources Mobilization , and Training Programs.

For the past 17 years, Jordan has been working to free its land from the threat of 305,500 known landmines as it pose threat to the social and economic development of the affected regions, and to the safety of individuals living in those regions.

Chaired by HRH Prince Mired Ra’ad Al-Hussein, the National Committee for Demining and Rehabilitation was able to announce Jordan as a land free of mines from all known mined areas.


Enhance the peace building process by diminishing social, economical and environmental impacts of landmines and remnants of war in a way that provides a better humanitarian environment allowing people and counties to prosper and develop.


Provide comprehensive leadership and technical guidance on eradicating landmines and explosive remnants of war — and their negative socioeconomic impacts from the lives of all Jordanians


  • Clear all known mined areas from Jordan territory by May 2012
  • Remove all ERWs from Jordanian soil.
  • Deliver coordinated and culturally relevant risk education training on mines and ERWs to all communities under the threat.
  • Deliver managerial training on ERWs, survey techniques, and field operations to the international community.
  • Delivering a specialized training on demining and Explosive Remnants of War through structured training programs to regional and international community on different levels.

(NCDR) Achievements and Capabilities